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Neat, from the snowy bed-spread to the pretty clock on the mantel, and
the dainty bunch of pansies on the wall above. Open doors give
glimpses of other rooms as well ordered as this, while intelligence
and kindness beam in the dark faces of gentle mother and cheery
bright-eyed daughters. When people ask us how we can bear to teach
"niggers," they generally have in mind those tattered, lazy persons,
who are most wont to show themselves on the street corners, and so

the deepest impression on the average white mind. But look at my third
picture, and you will
see both how we can like our work, and what is one of the things that
make a difference between the second
home I have described and the
first. The large school-room is filled. More than one hundred and
twenty-five students are arranged in classes, most
of whom are standing in their places ready to
pass to recitation rooms. One of their number is at the piano. Another
stands at the desk to give the word of command. Now he strikes the
bell and the pupils in long file pass out, marching with their heads
up. Not a teacher is in sight.
Everything is orderly and is running of itself, as it does every day.
This is nothing wonderful,
of course, though I know some white schools which could not be trusted
to this degree to the control of monitors. But
it is only a sign of the influences that here
lead to self-reliance and self-control. Every year a new set of
uncouth and undeveloped young people come shambling in, looking
around with bewildered

eyes. But they soon begin to straighten up and fall into step. Their
vague ideas get settled, and their minds, slow at first, wake up. In a
few years they will be made over new,
not perfect, but vastly
improved. They will
be out teaching, spreading

light from scores of new centres, and sending new pupils to "Old Le
Moyne." {136} * * * * * THE EVANGELIST AT WORK. The last night of the
three weeks'
series of meetings at Marion was a memorable one. Every night the
church, which was a large-sized building, was well filled with an
attentive congregation, hungering and thirsting for the bread and
water of life. After singing an
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