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 twelve 90.) A few weeks later he writes, "The Queen's grace liketh your
kersey specially well." (Lisle Papers, eleven 112.) Note 2. The disuse
of this custom in England really dates from a rather later period.
`Sister' has somewhat resumed its position, but `Daughter' and `Niece,'
in the vocative, are never heard amongst us now. CHAPTER SIXTEEN. "DIEU
LA VOULU." "Over himself and his own heart's complaining Victorious
still." The bells were pealing merrily for the marriage of Clare
Avery--I beg her pardon--of Clare Tremayne; and the wedding party were
seated at breakfast in the great hall at Enville Court. "The bridesmaids
be well-looking," said Lady Enville, behind her fan, to Sir Piers
Feversham, who was her next neighbour,--for Sir Piers and Lucrece had
come to the wedding--"and I do hear Mistress P
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