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 terrace, came where grew ivy, very thick and gnarled, overspreading
this wing of the house. Groping amid the leaves I found that I sought--a
stout staple deep-driven between the bricks with above this another and
yet other again, the which formed a sort of ladder whereby, as a boy, I
had been wont to come and go by night or day as I listed. Forthwith I
began to climb by means of these staples and the ivy, until at last my
fingers grasped the stone sill of a window; and now, the lattice being
open, I contrived (albeit it with much ado) to clamber into the room. It
was a fair-sized chamber, and the moonlight, falling athwart the floor,
lit upon a great carven bed brave with tapestried hangings. Just now the
silken curtains were up-drawn and upon the bed I saw a bundl
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