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Sun Jun 14 10:33:00 CEST 2009

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Reported By:                dazwin
Assigned To:                benj
Project:                    Grisbi-old
Issue ID:                   165
Category:                   Main
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   minor
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     closed
Resolution:                 fixed
Fixed in Version:           0.6.0
Date Submitted:             04-15-2006 20:31 UTC
Last Modified:              06-14-2009 08:33 UTC
Summary:                    Currency preferences are not user preferences
The currency preferences tab appears to be associated with a .grdb file,
not as a user preference (this seems to be confirmed by the fact that the
currencies tab is disabled if no file is opened).

This seems counter-intuitive and means that the local currency must be
added/configured each time a new file is created. Shouldn't this setup be
in a .rc file or gconf?


 benj - 05-09-06 15:06  
Problem is that grisbi users are often mobile and carry their account file
on removable devices or download and copy them on several machines.  If
currencies are set in a rc file, they will not be able to carry them.

This is why I think keeping currencies in the account file is the right

Btw, thank you very much fro your report and interest in Grisbi.  :-)


 dazwin - 05-11-06 19:38  
I'm not saying that the currency for all .grdb files should be maintained
as a configuration item, just that the _default_ currency used when
creating a new .grdb should be configurable.

Right now, when I create a new .grdb file, there are a number of places I
need to go to to change the currency. After creating several .grdb files,
this is has become a PITA. If the default currency is available as a
configuration preference, this value will be written to the new .grdb. Of
course, if that file is subsequently opened on another machine then the
correct (.grdb-determined) currency/ies will be used over any machine-based

BTW: Ideally, this value could be determined from the current system
locale, although you'd probably have to maintain some kind of map to get
from the locale to ISO code.

This program has a lot of potential for me. I've given up waiting for
Gnucash to get to Gnome v2 and with the few enhancements/fixes I've
suggested (any maybe some nicer - CSS'able? - reports) it'll be a really
nice program to use. 

 benj - 05-11-06 20:18  
Oh, understood.
Regarding this issue, you will be happy to know that version 0.6 (under
development) uses locale to detect default currency.  This should solve
this problem.

Regarding reports, we are to rewrite them for the 0.6.x series (after
0.6.0, thought) and will switch to pure CSS-able HTML (even for display). 
So I hope reports will be better. 

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