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Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 09:51:11 CET 2019

Hello Leslie,

Le lun. 11 févr. 2019 à 13:57, Leslie Katz <lesliek at mymts.net> a écrit :
> Mac says that only 64-bit apps will run on Macs after the next major
> upgrade to its operating system.
> My wife's Mac tells her that her Grisbi (version 1.20) is "legacy
> software", which I gather means that it's a 32-bit app.
> Is that correct?
> If it is, are there plans to convert Grisbi for Mac into a 64-bit app?

Grisbi 1.20 is already a 64-bits application.

You can check that by running this command in Terminal:
$ file /Applications/Grisbi.app/Contents/MacOS/Grisbi-bin
/Applications/Grisbi.app/Contents/MacOS/Grisbi-bin: Mach-O 64-bit
executable x86_64

> Apologies if I've misunderstood the technical aspects of this!

No problem.
I agree there is a problem. macOS should not complain.
I don't know why you get this error message.
I do not have the error message myself. But I guess macOS does not
display it for each execution of Grisbi.

I will have a look.


 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau

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