[grisbi-user] "Invalid date" problem

Pierre Biava pierre.biava at orange.fr
Tue Nov 6 13:24:52 CET 2018

Leslie Katz a écrit le 04/11/2018 à 19:13 :
> I'm using Grisbi version 1.0.0 with Ubuntu 16.04.
> I've been using Grisbi for years.
> Today, for the first time, I couldn't reconcile an account.
> I was told "Reconciliation can't be completed. Invalid date: '04/11/2018'"
> That date is today's date and is in the usual format, so I can't 
> understand what's suddenly gone wrong.

To be able to create a reconcile, the start and end dates must be at 
least the same. Is that the case ?

If this is the case check that two reconciliations do not overlap.

Best regards.



Pierre Biava

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