[grisbi-user] Translations

Hunkah hunkah at hotmial.com
Wed Mar 30 18:16:38 CEST 2011

Hey there,

I was just wondering if I could possibly help out with some of the English 
translation used in Grisbi.  You are using the word "Terminated" instead 
of "Completed".  

Terminated is used to explain things like being fired from a job, closed 
without finishing, or coming to an end.  This is usually used for negative 

Completed is used in a positive way.  Accomplishment.  Success.

For example, when you finish an export:

Export setup terminated

You have successfully set up data export into Grisbi.  Press the 'Close' 
button to actually export data.

It would be better said:
Export settings completed successfully

Press the 'Close' button to finish the export.

There are more throughout Grisbi, but for the majority, it is because of 
the word Terminated that it seems like things aren't working to the user.

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