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Gérald Niel gerald.niel+spam at gegeweb.invalid
Mon Sep 20 20:26:04 CEST 2010

Le Lundi 20 septembre 2010 à 00:30 UTC, kurt rhyner écrivait sur
grisbi.user :

> we have been unsing ms money for 15 years in all our project centers and 
> should change to something new....
> We need to use a second classification (after categories). Is there a 
> possibility in grisbi, do you know a program with that feature ?

I don't know if that can do for you, but Grisbi uses subcategories
below the categories.
Grisbi uses also the second classification beside the categories :
budgetary charges ("Imputations budgétaires" in french) with
subclassement too.

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