[grisbi-user] How did Grisbi start?

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Le Vendredi 28 mai 2010 à 01:02 UTC, Barlos écrivait sur
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> I am sorry that I didn't have my question clear. I mean what's the history 
> of Grisbi and how did it get started in the first place.


Grisbi before version 0.3.0 was called Gripsou in reference to Donald
Duck. But to avoid problems of rights with this name, it was renamed
Grisbi in french of France is a word slang which means the money in
référence to the classic french movie "Touche pas au Grisbi" wich was
inspired by a book.
Sorry, not english version of this page :

It was originaly created and written by Cedruc Auger for this own use.

I use Grisbi since the 0.3.0 and help the project with my modest
competence since the 0.3.2 version.

Sorry if my english is not verry good.

Grisbi have teen years this year ! Happy Birthday !

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