[grisbi-user] Grisbi does not honor $HOME [repost]

Shining Screem shiningscream at ymail.com
Mon Dec 27 03:17:54 CET 2010

Sorry for the repost. I had to correct the subject of my earlier, and 
there doesn't appear to be any other way to do that.

The following is a nearly direct cut-and-paste from a terminal session 
(except for a simple s/$USER/REDACTED_USER_NAME/g replacement).

> echo $HOME

> grisbi
Variables d'environnement :

LANG = en_SG.UTF-8

        currency_symbol = $
        mon_thousands_sep = ","
        mon_decimal_point = .
        positive_sign = ""
        negative_sign = "-"
        frac_digits = "2"

        G_GINT64_MODIFIER = "l"

        C_GRISBIRC = /grisbidev.conf
        C_PATH_CONFIG = /home/REDACTED_USER_NAME/.config/grisbi
        C_PATH_DATA_FILES = /home/REDACTED_USER_NAME/.local/share/grisbi
        GRISBI_LOCALEDIR = /usr/share/locale
        GRISBI_PLUGINS_DIR = /usr/lib/grisbi
        GRISBI_PIXMAPS_DIR = /usr/share/pixmaps/grisbi

I believe that applications should store their configuration data in 
$HOME/.hidden-directory. Is there a way to force Grisbi to honor typical 
Unix conventions?

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