[grisbi-devel] grisbi setting in 1.9

Sylvain Archenault sylvain.archenault at laposte.net
Thu Feb 6 02:39:55 CET 2020


I'm pretty keen to try to latest version of grisbi - especially for the
dark them - so i got the code from github and build it without pb.

But when I try to run, I have a pb with 2 settings:
	- /org/gtk/grisbi/files/file/import-remove-file
	- /org/gtk/grisbi/general/force-dark-theme

When i start it gives errors like this:
Wed Feb  5 20:35:38 2020, 0.028615 : GRISBI 1.9.1 Debug - Debug enabled,
level is 'Debug'
Wed Feb  5 20:35:38 2020, 0.028778 : Debug -
Wed Feb  5 20:35:38 2020, 0.074093 : Debug -

(grisbi:329349): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 20:35:38.224: Settings schema
'org.gtk.grisbi.files.file' does not contain a key named

I was able to start the program by commenting the 2 lines reading this
config - but it crashes when i close it and it tries to save the settings.

I know this is not a supported version/release - but i'm wondering if
there is a something i'm doing wrong, a trick i don't know, known
issues, etc...

The dark theme looks great - thanks for all the work !

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