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Jean-Luc Duflot jielbil at jld78.fr
Thu Nov 28 19:11:53 CET 2019


I am not a software developer, so I cannot help you on display issues.

However, for some problem with the reading of the screen, you may change 
the fonts size in the list of operations. For this, you will find in the 
menu Edition - Preferences (or options) - Display - Fonts and Logo the 
item « Choice a font for operations », and choose what you need. Please 
note that I am not sure of the exact wording of these menus, since I 
have only the french version of Grisbi 1.2, but I think you will find 
where is this option.

Best regards,

Jean-Luc Duflot

Le 28/11/2019 à 15:34, john hart a écrit :
> I want to inform you that I just tried one more thing. I changed my 
> screen resolution to 1280x1024 and am able to see the entire transaction 
> screen. However, for me this is NOT the best solution. Due to my 
> eyesight I prefer to use a lower resolution as it makes it easier to 
> read the screen content. It would appear to me that your software is not 
> scaling the content based on screen resolution. I don't know how 
> difficult it would be to incorporate scaling based on screen resolution 
> but that would seem to me to be a fix for the problem that I am having. 
> And I would think that others are experiencing the same situation.
> Thank you for your consideration.
> Regards,
> John Hart
> jsamcr at yahoo.com
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> knowledge, the latter ignorance.”
> ― Hippocrates
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N'hésitez pas à consulter le manuel, c'est étudié pour ! (:-)

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