[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] A Technical Report with a Bullish Chart Setup

keross at codetel.net.do keross at codetel.net.do
Tue May 14 13:43:46 CEST 2013

Gold can glitter, but its not a good funding pick! What is? New cinematic 
production companies with earnings, like G T R L! Bigger movie production 
groups are strugling today with big overheads, they can't soar. This is 
where G T R L's management strategy shows to action. G T R L's model is 
very effective for giant movie production studios they could begin using it 
now. This may push company valuation to a $5. Trade it confidently today 
below 4 cent and profit a capital as it soars. Go trading on May, 14th.

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