[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] The Start Of a New Rally?

ostepanukov at motobikers.spb.ru ostepanukov at motobikers.spb.ru
Mon Jun 17 07:32:13 CEST 2013

This super company is creating a momentum that can hit top 
valuation trading quickly. The share values can move lightning 
speed, along with lots of big developments prepared to be 
announced with the company, these valuations are a deal that 
will likely not live long! We are delivering an extreme trading 
signal on H_A I_R on Monday, Jun 17. Note we easily forecast 
pricing over the times immediate future. The opportunity here's 
insane soon as the trading get's up to speed on which the 
business has to offer, large chunk of capital likely be 
skyrocketing lot higher. Indicators all surely pointing into a 
bullish rally within the developing, which are based on solid 
fundamentals which is just building using every serious 
activity by the firm. H_A I_R announced the appointment of A. 
V. Valdes to move up specialist group and teach specialists for 
the Biostem Method of grow-back application. He to apply his 
office since the global learning for future Biostem US 
affiliates. We forecast to have still more to be to publish 
that will surely get stock valuation gaining to higher 
valuation. We suggest that you acquire USD 36`000 of stock on 
Mon, June 17!

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