[grisbi-devel] Values in Charts?

Pierre Biava pierre.biava at nerim.net
Sun Oct 28 20:23:58 CET 2012

Martin Stromberger écrivait le 27/10/2012 13:20 :


> Hi,
> I've played around with the charts- could it be that the values in the
> charts are multiplied by 100?
> Example:
> I have a categorie called 'Strom', forecast value is "-967,93€" (the
> calculated value is OK)
> The pie-chart (and all other charts) show a value of "-96.793,00€"
> (calculated value * 100)

It is strange I did not have this problem.

The numbers in the tab of historical data are correct?

Best regards



Pierre Biava

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