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Ich serve a specific purpose. (See figures 1 and 2.) The basic plan of
a jurisdiction (item (1) in figures 1 and 2) is the foundation of this
planning process. It is an essential administrative (rather than
operational) document, and as such it: " Provides the basis (including
legal authority) for and the objectives of emergency planning and
operations " Outlines contingencies

(emergency situations) to be planned and prepared for and establishes
the general principles and policies (concepts of operations) to be
applied to each " Describes the emergency organization in terms of who
is responsible for what actions
" Defines interjurisdictional and interservice relationships and the
direction and control structure to make assignments and resolve
conflicts " Contains or refers to information of common interest about
supporting facilities,

such as the Emergency Operations Center and warning and communications
systems " Provides the planning basis for other supporting documents
which are more operationally oriented The basic plan is supported by a
Direction and Control annex and by functional annexes (see (2) and (3)
respectively in figures 1 and 2). The
and Control annex details how overall responses to an emergency will be
managed and
coordinated. Functional annexes (for both staff and services) are
designed to address the extraordinary requirements created by
emergencies. They identify the specific
needs, the organizational
resources available to meet those needs, and the scheme

or "concept of operations" for their application. It should
be noted that, because of unique requirements, annexes often do not

reflect normal departmental structure. An annex becomes a departmental
plan only when an agency represents the sole resource
for meeting the stated need and when satisfying that need is the only
task assigned to that agency by the basic plan. The second major
portion of the California State planning structure consists of specific
contingency plans (see (4)
in figures 1 and 2). One such plan is prepared for each extraordinary
or disaster, likely to occur, detailing the probable effects of the
emergency on the jurisdiction and the
actions to be taken

in offsetting these effects. It is also called a "res
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