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 to join. I wish we could have managed it, for the drawing-room doesn't
look half furnished, and a big palm would have made a fine effect, but
we can't, so there's an end of that!" A gasp of suppressed nervousness
sounded from the end of the room, and Pam's voice said with the usual
funny little squeak, "I've got sixpence with a hole in it. I'll join,
Betty! Do get mother a palm! She wants it so badly. We saw one in a shop
window yesterday, and she said it was just the thing for our room!"
"Sorry, Pam, but it can't be done. They are a frightful price in the
shops, and even old `All a-growing all a-blowing' has none under seven
and six. Perhaps when her birthday comes round we can manage it, but a
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