[grisbi-devel] macosx & 0.6

William OLLIVIER (IRC: gunee) (dev. Windows) guneemwelloeux at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Dec 21 11:41:19 CET 2009

Hello Julien,

Le 17/12/2009 21:58, julien a écrit :
> a short message to say that I can try to help a bit with Grisbi 0.6 port
> on MacOS X.
> I have 10.6 on x86 and use Grisbi for a few years.

Any help with that would be much appreciated.

> On the bad part, I have little time and more at a sysadmin
> level/beginner developper than a full time dev.

Like many of us in the development team

> But if can give help to manage compilation and some testing.

That is better than nothing.

> Anyway, thanks a lot for your great work.

You're very welcome.

Come join us on freenode, chan #grisbi. We'll be glad to give you the
info you need to get started.


PS : The developers are French, so feel free to use the language on the
ml and IRC.

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