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Ave done a better job, under the same conditions, will you?" demanded
Frank, proudly. "They would be hard to find!" declared Ned. "Next thing
is to hustle and find some sort of browse to make beds out of," Jack
told them, "and the thicker it is for a mattress the better, because it
causes a certain amount of warmth, and keeps the dampness of the ground
off." "Yes, and if there happen to be a few old roots sticking up under
you, they don't hurt," added Jimmy, who had been through the experience
he described many times in the past, and ought to know the inconvenience
resulting from it. When five lively fellows get busy, they can gather
quite a quantity of browse, in case the right sort of trees are handy;
and before long Frank threw himself down on the mattress, with a grunt
of satisfaction. "How does she go?" asked Teddy, solicitously. "Bunkum,"
came the answer, accompanied with a mighty yawn; "try it for yourself."
"Guess I will, Frank," and Teddy accordingly stretched himself out at
full length, alongside the other scout. So they all found a place, and
there was room enough also for the guides. These worthies insisted upon
taking the outermost nooks. The voyageur explained that they might want
to be up several times before dawn, to look around and make sure that
all was well; nor could the scouts find any objection to this programme,
since it was intended to add to their comfort and security. If they had
not all been so very drowsy, possibly the boys might have found
considerable difficulty in forgetting themselves, under such unusual
conditions; but as a rule, the 
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