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" Whether we have stone facings or no,--whether our parlor has cornices
or marble mantels or no,--whether our doors are machine-made or
hand-made. All our fixtures shall be of the plainest and simplest, but
we will have fresh air. We will open our door with a latch and string,
if we cannot afford lock and knob and fresh air too,--but in our house
we will live cleanly and Christianly. We will no more breathe the foul
air rejected from a neighbor's lungs than we will use a neighbor's
tooth-brush and hair-brush. Such is the first essential of "our
house,"--the first great element of human health and happiness,--AIR. "I
say, Marianne," said Bob, "have we got fireplaces in our chambers?"
"Mamma took care of that," said Marianne. "You may be quite sure," said
I, "if your mother has had a hand in planning your house, that the
ventilation is cared for." It must be confessed that Bob's principal
idea in a house had been a Gothic library, and his mind had labored more
on the possibility of adapting some favorite bits from the baronial
antiquities to modern needs than on anything so terrestrial as air.
Therefore he awoke as from a dream, and taking two or three monstrous
inhalations, he seized the plans and began looking over them with new
energy. Meanwhi
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