[grisbi-devel] Ves apart and flowed off, to end as they had begun, in the stagnation and barrenness

McCowin Lothrop unionization at teracomsrl.it
Wed Aug 19 13:27:46 CEST 2009

Never be able to conceive.... That all the bishops in the world should
be convoked to determine a divine truth necessary to salvation--nothing
more natural, if such a method is indispensable; for no effort, no
trouble, ought to be spared for so exalted an aim. But if the only point
is the establishment of one opinion in the place of another, then the
travelling expenses of even one single Infallible are sheer waste. If
you want to spare the two most valuable things on earth, time and money,
make all haste to write to Rome, in order to procure thence a lawful
decision which shall declare the unlawful doubt. Nothing more is needed;
policy asks no more.'[21] Definitely, then, the influence of the Popes
restored to their ancient supremacy would be exercised in the renewal
and consolidation of social order resting on the Christian faith,
somewhat after this manner. The anarchic dogma of the sovereignty of
peoples, having failed to do anything beyond showing that the greatest
evils resulting from obedience do not equal the thousandth part of those
which result from rebellion, would be superseded by the pr
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