[grisbi-devel] Question about GTK-Version

Martin Stromberger mstromberger at aon.at
Mon Nov 17 18:02:29 CET 2008

is it spezified/defined which version of GTK Grisbi 0.6 requieres?
Reason for the question is that GTK has a list for depracted symbols - 
to find under http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/<gtk version>, e.g. for 
GTK 2.12.xx -> http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/2.12/ix02.html.
I've seen that Cedric has replaced some depracted symbols (cvs-log).
I think it would make sense to define a version of GTK for Grisbi 0.6 - 
so is it possible to replace
depracted symbols with newer ones without 'breaking to much'


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