[grisbi-cvs] [git push]Grisbi annotated tag upstream_version_2_0_1 created. upstream_version_2_0_1

Ludovic Rousseau noreply at sourceforge.net
Sam 3 Juil 18:28:03 CEST 2021

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Grisbi".

The annotated tag, upstream_version_2_0_1 has been created
        at  f26cf55ba1da9c6be965f5ccb05d858a5fc0ce97 (tag)
   tagging  e8823e314d46603d0dbbeca0b390343d859e186c (commit)
  replaces  upstream_version_1_9_97
 tagged by  Pierre Biava
        on  Sun Jan 31 18:38:48 2021 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
New stable version 2.0.1


Frédéric Trouche (1):
      AppVeyor's Windows version compilation fixed

Ludovic Rousseau (67):
      Merge pull request #47 from nl78/master
      Add build github actions
      Merge pull request #48 from xfred81/master
      macOS: add Info.plist in Xcode project
      macOS: add Grisbi version in the wrapper
      macOS: use a config file instead of gsettings
      macOS: restore Info.plist after build
      macOS: remove the .dmg if it already exists
      macOS: update Info.plist Copyright
      macOS: add missing new files in Xcode project
      Factorize code and fix compiler warning
      Fix backup every n minutes
      README.MacOS: use a https:// URL for git
      README.MacOS: update doc
      configure.ac: correctly handle --disable-config-file
      git snapshot: do not use goffice on macOS
      UI: make some strings translatable
      README.MacOS: fix meson install
      macOS: update build documentation
      macOS: create target directories
      macOS: copy the extra files before running gtk-mac-bundler
      macOS: handle goffice plugins by gtk-mac-bundler
      macOS: do not use deprecated internet-enable
      macOS: build with goffice for git snapshot
      Use GOFFICE_VERSION instead of "0.10.49"
      Revert "macOS: copy the extra files before running gtk-mac-bundler"
      Revert "macOS: create target directories"
      macOS: correctly install icon files
      macOS: remove useless grisbi_osx.{c,h} files
      Create FUNDING.yml
      macOS: do not install goffice files
      macOS: allow to pass configure arguments to create_git_snapshot.sh
      Add debug_start_log_file()
      Add configure option --enable-early-debug
      configure.ac: fix --enable-debug handling
      macOS: fix compilation if goffice is not used
      macOS: fix a l10n issue with UTF-8 texts
      macOS: remove useless include
      macOS: add files grisbi_osx.{m,h} to Xcode project
      macOS: fix compiler warnings with Xcode
      Merge pull request #53 from mastromberger/master
      macOS: do not hardcode the goffice version
      README.md: migrate to travis-ci.com
      Define EARLY_DEBUG only if --enable-early-debug is used
      DEfine DEBUG if --enable-debug is used
      Fix build for stable version with --enable-debug
      macOS: remove --launcher=filename argument
      macOS: fix automatic darkmode detection
      Revert "fix function to delete multiple copies of currency"
      Remove all duplicated currency
      Correctly check the account file is readable by others
      Start github actions for any branch
      Do not fail for OFX include headers
      CI: Enable goffice with --enable-real-werror
      github-action: do not warn on missing-include-dirs
      configure: Fix typo in a user messaqe
      Travis-CI: only 1 configuration
      Display the message "The currency xxx was duplicated." only once
      Add support of early file logs on Windows
      Escape the characters of a file name before display
      Same fix as d2091ea569a1b but in other places
      Same fix as d2091ea569a1b but in other places
      Fix dialogue_special() regarding to special characters
      Revert "Same fix as d2091ea569a1b but in other places"
      Revert "Same fix as d2091ea569a1b but in other places"
      Revert "Escape the characters of a file name before display"
      macOS: fix crash on startup

Nicolas LAURENT (10):
      Update doc to setup jhbuild env. on BigSur
      macOS: FIX goffice plugins
      macOS: Remove Gribi Launcher
      macOS: code cleanup
      MACOS: fix locale
      MACOS: initialization is done in separate file and use Objective-C
      MACOS: move OSX code in grisbi_osx.m
      MacOS: Fix memory leak duing initialization
      MacOS: remove unnecessary g_slist_free()
      Add set_theme()

Pierre Biava (121):
      Cosmetic changes
      Fix -Wdiscarded-qualifiers warnings
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Rename struct struc_check_encoding in CheckEncoding
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Adding the name of the configuration file
      Adaptation of messages for reports
      Remove shadow warning
      Fix reset the variable "archives-check-auto" when quit grisbi
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Rename function with "_etat" to "_state"
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      Remove shadow warning
      fix memory leak
      fix memory leak
      Update all strings
      New package 1.9.97-1
      Replacing two parameters by two constants
      fix bug 2076: Segfault au démarrage
      Removal of the reset of the "file modified" flag
      Adding new function to remove duplicate currency
      Fix crash when use a rule to import a CSV file
      Fixes the consistency of the labels in the management of messages
      update all strings
      Simplification of message display modification
      New package 1.9.97-2
      Added 10px margin to facilitate the use of scroll bars
      Cosmetics changes
      fix memory leaks
      fix memory leak
      fix memory leak
      fix memory leak
      cosmetic change
      fix memory leaks
      changes to fix memory leaks
      Cosmetics changes
      adaptation of the signal name and modification of the associated functions
      Cosmetics changes
      Adaptation of transactions window widgets management: EXPERIMENTAL
      fix function to delete multiple copies of currency
      fix "execute_balance_deferred_debit_account" menu
      cosmetics changes
      fix bug 2080: Modification of the breakdown of archived transactions
      Update all strings
      new version 1.9.98
      Cosmetics changes
      change the sorting of fiscal years in period tab
      Rename struct_transaction in TransactionStruct
      Cosmetic change
      cosmetic change
      Adding search functionality in transaction list
      fix defaults of backup parameters
      fix sensitive state of variable when no file is loaded
      Adding new option in search a transaction in account list
      sets the dimension of the amortization table
      Rename "key_press_event" signal in "key-press-event"
      Adding a comment for option "Launch day for scheduled operations performed monthly: "
      fix "--enable-config-file " for Windows package
      Specifies a message in the payees management module
      cosmetics changes
      update all strings
      set config file by default
      fix use of search_transaction.ui
      fix grisbi_git_hash variable
      Updated of NEWS file
      New unstable version 1.19.99
      Removal of the obligation to save after using the search function
      Rename search_transaction_key_press_event () function
      Adding key-press-event signal for spin_button
      Cosmetics changes
      Adding global search function with report not saved
      Save settings in a config file to prepare the mutation to a file
      Cosmetic changes
      Remove obsoletes widgets and properties
      remove printf message
      Corrects (maybe) changing column widths of lists
      Rename function and cosmetics changes
      Adding new option to select scheduler transaction
      bug 2086: set initial balance of reconcile account
      fix to save the width of scheduler note column
      cosmetic change
      bug 2086: fix all strings 0 with mon_decimal_point
      update all strings
      code simplification and warning removal
      Cosmetics changes
      Adding new function utils_prefs_page_notebook_switch_page ()
      Cosmetics changes
      Finalization of the addition of the "last_selected_scheduler" option
      fix bug 2052: Planned transactions displayed "Manual"
      remove unused code
      Update all strings
      remove xxx-large value
      New stable version 2.0.0
      Cosmetics changes
      Fix button sensitivity when no tree_view row is selected
      Memorization of the selected row when the sort is modified
      Force the use of X11 if Wayland is set
      Fix bug 2091: confusion between integer and boolean variable
      New version stable 2.0.1

mastromberger (1):
      update of german translation



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