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Initial commit : Instructions CVS en anglais (bizarre que ça n'ait pas existé plus tôt)

--- NEW FILE: cvs.en.inc ---
	<p><strong>In any case, do not</strong> use your original Grisbi current accounts file (the one you usually use) when you are working with a development version of Grisbi .<br />
	If you install one of these, please announce yourself on the project's <a href="contact.it.html#devel">development mailing-list</a> and register an account on Grisbi's <a href="bugtracking.fr.html">bugtracker</a> to be added to the testing group.</p></li>
	<li><h4>Connection to CVS</h4>
	<p style="text-align: left;">In a shell, type in and execute the following command:<br />
	<tt>$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at cvs.grisbi.org:/cvsroot/grisbi</tt><br />
	You won't need to type this command again during the session.</p></li>
	<li><h4>Development version</h4>
	<p>Type in the command <tt>$ cvs -z9 co grisbi</tt><br />
	That's it! Now you just need to compile...<br />
	To update your local copy, go to the <code>grisbi/</code> directory and execute the command <tt>cvs update</tt>.</p></li>
	<li><h4>Stable version 0.5.9</h4>
	<p>Once connected to the Grisbi CVS repository, execute the following command:<br />
	<tt>$ cvs -z9 checkout -r upstream_version_0_5_9 grisbi</tt></p></li>

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