[grisbi-bugs] Donation procedure / Dark themes handling

Razer razer at neuf.fr
Sam 9 Fév 07:43:07 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

First of all let's bring the occasion to say thanks for making and maintaining
Grisbi, I use it for my personal accounts for a while, it's great.

Secondly, it's been a while I think about providing a small financial help to
the project, as I do for others projects regularly. I've searched some ways to
do it, without success. Please help me on that...

Finally, a cosmetic bug report : I use dark gtk themes most of the time,
something near adwaita-dark. In Grisbi, I suppose some widgets having specific
css styles since the text stays black whatever the theme used. That's the case
for the left panel (accounts, scheduler...). On dark theme, it result in a
difficult reading (black text on almost black background)
I have a inverse situation in the transaction tree : background is clear blue /
white, and the text is light grey.

Thanks in advance for your attention


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