[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi.app (Mac OS X) 0001626]: Several crashes

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Dim 18 Fév 21:57:27 CET 2018

A NOTE has been added to this issue.

 (0004238) rlovi (reporter) - 2018-02-18 21:57
Ludovic:The package for Grisbi 1.1.91 was generated on High Sierra. I have no
idea if it should be backward compatible with a n-2 version of macOS.
==> Renee:ok

Ludovic:The 1st error you got: "Failed to create file "Mes
comptes_20170721T125000_20170806T134302.gsb.D2BUEZ":Permission denied"
is more a problem with file access rights.
==> Renee: I still have Grisbi 1.0.0 on the machine and I can continue to work
on it, I mean no permission right problems

Ludovic:Are you able to always reproduce the 2nd error "erreur de segmentation"?
If yes please describe the steps so I can try to reproduce it myself.
==> Renee: 
1. Open Grisbi 1.1.91
2. Click on "Ouvrir" and choose your directory and select the file
3. I get the message "Importation d'un fichier dont la version est pour une
version antérieure de Grisbi"
4. Click on "Fermer"
5. It find orphan operations, and I agree, by clicking on "Oui", to delete them
6. Then the message "Impossible de sauvergarder le fichier "Mes
     Failed to create file "Mes
comptes_20170721T125000_20170806T134302.gsb.D2BUEZ":Permission denied
7. I click on "Fermer"
8. Finally, I get the error "Grisbi a terminé son exécution en raison d'une
erreur de segmentation", with an error log
9. I click on "Fermer" and Grisbi closes itself

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