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Hello (buenos dias ;) )

I'm not the DEV, i'm 'only' a user, so i'll advice you general comments

Each time i've got this message, it means that i've opened 2 occurrences of Grisbi EXE >In the Windows's Task manager, please check that only one Grisbi programm is launched 

Also, during a backup, file is locked by the OS or the backup utility. > Are you using a backup utilily ?

Have you tried to reboot your machine ? This may do the trick, and 'clear' file locks...

You can also try to copy your myaccount.gsb to another location (example : sub folder of your save folder...) and try to open it double clicking on it... Is it opened freely (without locks) ?

Let us know if it helps... I guess that DEV crew is around the corner, but as we're on sunday, they're maybe not on duty

Yours Sincerely


De : pepe blasco <jblasmas at gmail.com>
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Sujet : [grisbi-bugs] error en crisbi
Date : 16/12/2018 14:23:25 CET

I have the Grisbi 0.8.9 version for Windows installed on my laptop. When starting a new session today I have the following message: The file My accounts.gsb is already open. Either this file is opened by another user or it was not closed correctly. Crisbi can not save the file unless you activate the option "Force save locked files" in the configuration.
I access the configuration (properties) and I see that it is activated, but it does not let me modify it.
I would beg to tell me what I can do to access my accounts.
Thank you
Pepe Blasco


Tengo instalada la versión Grisbi 0.8.9 pour Windows en mi ordenador portátil. Al iniciar hoy una nueva sesión me ha salidao el siguiente mensaje: El fichero Mis cuentas.gsb ya está abierto. O este fichero está abierto por otro usuario o no fue cerrado correctamente. Crisbi no puede guardar el archivo a menos que active la opción “Forzar guardaren los ficheros bloqueados” en la configuración.

Accedo a la configuración (propiedades) y veo que está activado, pero no me deja modificar.

Rogaría me dijeran qué puedo hacer para poder acceder a mis cuentas.

Muchas gracias


Pepe Blasco




Pepe Blasco


jblasmas at telefonica.net

jblasmas at gmail.com 

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