[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi 0001685]: grisbi hangs when opening the forecast tab of an account

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Dim 1 Oct 11:34:35 CEST 2017

A NOTE has been added to this issue.

 (0003923) greuge (reporter) - 2017-10-01 11:34
I identify some of the conditions that make this problem appears.

The reason for the non-responsive behavior of grisbi is a call to an infinite
loop in function bet_array_refresh_estimate_tab() at line 688 of bet_tab.c. The
call to the Gtk function gtk_tree_model_foreach involves an infinite loop and
infinite calls to the callback function bet_array_update_average_column().

I suspect the bet_array_update_average_column() functon to modify the
GtkTreeModel tree_model in a manner the loop becomes inifinite. I added some
calls to the gtk_tree_model_foreach function with the same tree_model as
parameter. The callback used for this did nothing but print to stdout.

I tooled the callback function bet_array_update_average_column() to display the
estimated amount in debug mode. It appears that the last account operation is
repeated undefinitly when its date is the last date of the month and the
estimation is computed from the beginning of the month.

I can deliver an example for further investigation if required.

My system configuration : LinuxMint 18 - Grisbi 1.0.2

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