[grisbi-bugs] Issue with payment methods, can't select method, numbering lost

shanti shanti at mildred.fr
Sat Mar 29 11:53:48 CET 2014


I have an issue with the attached account file (on new account file, I
have no problem). I often use the "Cheque" debit payment method, and it
won't work very well.

* When creating a new transaction, I can only whoose neutral payment
method ("Virement") instead of all. If I fill in the "Debit" amount, it
won't add the debit payment methods to the list.

* If I then validate the transaction and open it later, I can change the
payment method to "Cheque", but numbering is not updated to follow
previous numbers. It stays empty and I have to fill it manually.

* If I create a transaction and put in "Payee" the name of an existing
payee ("tata in the attached file") that I paid with a cheque last time,
it will fill debit and payment method to "Cheque", but won't fill the
numbering to follow previous numbers. I also have to fill it manually.

Do you have an idea of what's wrong with my file. I know I tampered with
the payment method settings, but I did not expect such adverse effects.

If you could keep me in Cc when replying.

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