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You are receiving this announcement because you signed up for Chirpme with the e-mail bugtracker at grisbi.org on 26 Décembre 2012 - Unsubscribe ( http://mail.twoo.com/mailurl/aT1uZi1lNTFmNjUtODhodzJvMGUtYzUzJmw9NiZ1PSUyRiUzRnVuc3Vic2NyaWJlJTNEMSUyNmxuZyUzRGZyJTI2ZW1haWwlM0RidWd0cmFja2VyJTI1NDBncmlzYmkub3JnJTI2Y29kZSUzRDFiM2EyNzZkOWY4MTc0NjcwYWU0ODQyNmE1NDEzZDI1JTI2c2tpcFNwbGFzaCUzRG1haWwmYT1ldGx5aWlfNDBiNjJhN2YxMA )


Hi Bernard,
ChirpMe is joining forces with Twoo, the fastest growing place to meet new people.Check out your new profile on Twoo and continue the adventure with your ChirpMe friends there. To make life super easy, all your ChirpMe contacts and messages are still available in your Twoo account.

   Check out your new profile on Twoo ( http://mail.twoo.com/mailurl/aT1uZi1lNTFmNjUtODhodzJvMGUtYzUzJmw9NyZ1PSUyRiZhPWV0bHlpaV80MGI2MmE3ZjEw ) 


By clicking Check out your new profile on Twoo, you accept our Terms & Conditions ( http://mail.twoo.com/mailurl/aT1uZi1lNTFmNjUtODhodzJvMGUtYzUzJmw9OCZ1PSUyRmFib3V0JTJGdGVybXMmYT1ldGx5aWlfNDBiNjJhN2YxMA ) and our Privacy Policy ( http://mail.twoo.com/mailurl/aT1uZi1lNTFmNjUtODhodzJvMGUtYzUzJmw9OSZ1PSUyRmFib3V0JTJGcHJpdmFjeSZhPWV0bHlpaV80MGI2MmE3ZjEw ), including our Cookie use.

Hope to see you soon.the ChirpMe  Twoo team.


   Massive Media Match NV, 57 rue d'Amsterdam, Paris, 75008, FranceBE0537240636.info-fr at twoo.com ( mailto:info-fr at twoo.com )  
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