[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi 0001419]: Problems deleting a child when entering scheduled transaction

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Fri Nov 4 22:29:59 CET 2011

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Reported By:                andriusk
Assigned To:                pbiava
Project:                    Grisbi
Issue ID:                   1419
Category:                   Main
Reproducibility:            have not tried
Severity:                   minor
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     assigned
OS:                         Ubuntu 
Unstable Impact:            No 
Version OS:                 11.10 
Version GTK:                2.24.6 
Date Submitted:             2011-11-01 05:15 CET
Last Modified:              2011-11-04 22:29 CET
Summary:                    Problems deleting a child when entering scheduled
I have a monthly manual transaction that has two children. In a pop up dialog
when I enter final detail for that transaction I changed the category of the
transaction from "Split transaction" to a regular category.
Immediately Grisbi gave me anerror message something like:
"Child 1030 could not be attached to parent 1028. There seems to be no white
space created before..." That happened every time starting Grisbi
I deleted problematic  parent transaction. Now it gives me another error
"Some children didn't find their mother in the list, this shouldn't happen and
there is probably a bug behind that. Please contact the Grisbi team.

The concerned children number are :
1029 - 1030 - "
Message comes up every time starting Grisbi.

Any way I can get rid of that message for now??

 (0003286) pbiava (administrator) - 2011-11-01 17:49

I was not able to reproduce the bug. To delete operations you must:
- Open the account file with gedit
- Delete the transaction number 1029 and  the transaction number 1030
to find the transactions you must search the strings: Nb = "1029" and Nb =

lines begin with:
<Transaction Ac = "1" Number = "1029"
<Transaction Ac = "1" Number = "1030" 

 (0003290) andriusk (reporter) - 2011-11-04 22:29

reproduction of the bug works for me every time with any scheduled transaction
that has children (split transaction).
To reproduce:
1. Select any scheduled transaction that has children/split transaction
2. Click Execute
3. When the transaction is brought up for the final editing before entering into
the books, change it's category to something else (other than split transaction)
4. Click OK
You will get error messages that I've attached just now.

Seems Grisbi writes both parent and children information into the file before
the info has been finalized by the user. That is before the user clicks OK. That
way, the file has both of the children in it already, but when the user changes
the category of the mother transaction, it looses any reference to the children.
While the children still keep their references to the mother transaction.

Just my thinking.

By the way thanks for the tip how to manually correct the problem in the file.
After I opened it and saw it was XML - everything was easy. 

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