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Ed Cap, the Sheriff's own head archer, and Diccon Cruikshank of
Lincoln Town, and Adam o' the Dell, a man of Tamworth, of threescore
years and more, yet hale and lusty still, who in his time

had shot in the famous match at Woodstock, and had there beaten that
renowned archer, Clym o'
the Clough. And many more famous men of the longbow
were there, whose names have been handed down
to us in goodly ballads of the olden time.
But now all the benches were filled with guests, lord and lady,
burgher and dame, when at last the Sheriff himself came with his lady,
he riding with stately mien upon his milk-white horse and she upon her
brown filly. Upon his head he wore a purple velvet cap, and purple
velvet was his robe, all trimmed about with rich ermine; his jerkin
and hose were

of sea-green silk, and his shoes of black velvet, the pointed toes
fastened to his garters with golden
chains. A golden chain hung about his neck, and at his collar was a
great carbuncle set in red gold. His lady was dressed in

blue velvet, all trimmed with swan's down. So they made a gallant
sight as they rode along side
by side, and all the people shouted from where
they crowded across the space from the gentlefolk; so the Sheriff and
his lady came to their place, where men-at-arms, with hauberk and
spear, stood about, waiting for them. Then when the Sheriff and his
dame had sat down, he bade his
herald wind upon his silver horn; who thereupon
sounded three
blasts that came echoing cheerily back from the gray walls of
Nottingham. Then the archers stepped forth to their places, whil
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