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Ly, awakened, but I could not hear his regular breathing. Now I thought
I could detect a soft and very faint noise as of some large body
over the puncheon steps. I also imagined I detected the noise of padded
feet and the scraping noise of claws on the wood. A shudder ran through
me. Was a panther, a mountain lion, about to spring upon me? No, I
abandoned the thought
and instinctively I knew that it must be one of the black wolf pack.
Then I remembered hearing the cracking and breaking
of sticks or timber while I was trying to sleep in the bedroom, and
I felt that Pluto had broken out of the pen and was creeping up on us
slowly and stealthily as I have seen a fox creep up on a covey of quail.

Would the
beast presently hurl its terrible form upon me, or on Big Pete? I
attempted to warn my friend, but my tongue clung to the roof

of my mouth and for the moment I was powerless and speechless, subdued
by a combination of fear
of the real beast and superstitious fe
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