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Vanderwoude ravagement at scuegypt.edu.eg
Mon Mar 22 21:13:39 CET 2010

Uth, and know
the truth in the convincing power of it, and have had a sober conversation among men; yet

content yourselves only to know truth for yourselves, to go to meetings, and exercise an ordinary charity in the church, and an honest behaviour in the

world, and limit yourselves within those bounds;
feeling little or no concern upon
your spirits, for the glory of the Lord in the prosperity of his truth

in the earth, more than to be glad that others succeed in such service. Arise ye in the name and power of the Lord Jesus! Behold how white the fields are unto harvest, in this and other nations, and how few able
and faithful labourers there are to work therein! Your country-folks, neighbours, and kindred, want to know the Lord and his truth, and to walk in it. Does nothing lie at your door upon their account!
Search and see, and lose no time, I beseech you, for the Lord is at hand. I do not judge you; there is
one that judgeth all men, and

his judgment is true. You have mightily increased in your outward substance, may you equally
increase in your inward riches, and do good with both, while you have a day to do good.
Your enemies would once
have taken what you had, from you, for his name's sake in whom you have believed; wherefore he has given you much of the world, in the face of your enemies. But O, let it be your servant, and not your master! your diversion rather than your business! let the Lord be chiefly
in your eye, and ponder you
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