[grisbi-bugs] fering. The man's instinct is alway

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S as flowers and plants turn towards the light. Ah, my poor

Rose, how I should like to see you more eager and alive! In the close

attention which you give me, in the absolute faith which you place in me, my least words are
invested with a precision of meaning that invites me to go on speaking; but how
weary I am at heart! Oh, let us pass on to other
things: it is high time! Let us not sink into slumber and call it prudence:
up to now I have been content to see you sitting patiently at my feet; but I no
longer want you there. Enough of this!
I dream of roaming with you at random in the open fields, I dream of making you laugh and cry, of feeling your young soul
fresh and sensitive as your cheeks.
I dream of stirring your heart and rousing your imagination. We will go far across the countryside; together we shall see the light wane and the darkness begin; and, since you love me, you must needs admire with me the rare beauty

of all these things!... CHAPTER XIII 1 Rose was to have a holiday the next day. We arranged that she should come with the trap from

the farm, the first thing in the morning, to fetch me. We start at six

o'clock. The
harness-bells tinkle gaily to the heavy trot of the big horse; and we laugh as we are jolted violently one against the other. We drive
through the villages, those happy Normandy
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