[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi-0.5.9-fixes 0000303]: Unable to reach Operations of other accounts than 1st one and then mouse blocked in a small area

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Sun Jan 31 07:31:33 CET 2010

The following issue has been CLOSED 
Reported By:                pdumont
Assigned To:                teilginn
Project:                    Grisbi-0.5.9-fixes
Issue ID:                   303
Category:                   Main
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   crash
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     closed
Resolution:                 open
Fixed in Version:           
Date Submitted:             09-08-2007 20:16 UTC
Last Modified:              01-31-2010 06:31 UTC
Summary:                    Unable to reach Operations of other accounts than
1st one and then mouse blocked in a small area
I am mainly using one account and may be that for weeks (or months) and
probably since last update I have not tried to view the operations of my
other accounts. I tried today to click in the tab Operations on my second
account. The account does not open, the book still looks closed, and the
arrow of the mouse is suddently blocked in a small area (some centimeters)
about in the middle of the screen. Then I can not close the program with
the mouse (which is blocked) and the Alt+F4 does not work either. I just
tried once more to better describe and I notice that my mouse is blocked in
this page also!! Then the only way to close the software is to press the
key "windows", right click on Grisbi in the task bar and select close. Now
I closed it and the mouse work normally in this page. I tried several
times, and on several accounts (except the first one which is by default
open), and still the same bug.
Thanks for your help!

 pbiava - 01-31-10 06:31  
The maintenance of this version is stopped.
We are fully dedicating our efforts to the 0.6 version. The latest version
is the Release Candidate 2 available at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/grisbi/files/ [^]

Please consider migrating to the 0.6 version, and be sure to keep a copy
of your 0.5.9 accounts file as the 0.6 version is not in its final state. 

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09-08-07 20:16  pdumont        New Issue                                    
09-08-07 20:16  pdumont        OS                        => Windows         
09-08-07 20:16  pdumont        Unstable Impact           => Yes             
09-08-07 20:16  pdumont        Version OS                => XP Home Edition SP2
10-31-07 15:02  benj           Status                   new => assigned     
10-31-07 15:02  benj           Assigned To               => teilginn        
06-09-09 20:14  MyKeul         Project                  Grisbi =>
01-31-10 06:31  pbiava         Status                   assigned => closed  
01-31-10 06:31  pbiava         Note Added: 0001876                          

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