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G the airs to Mussard and to Mademoiselle du Vernois, his 'gouvernante',
who was a very good and amiable girl. Three pieces of composition I had
sketched out were the first monologue: 'J'ai perdu mon serviteur;'--the
air of the Devin; 'L'amour croit s'il s'inquiete;' and the last duo: 'A
jamais, Colin, je t'engage, etc.' I was so far from thinking it worth
while to continue what I had begun, that, had it not been for the
applause and encouragement I received from both Mussard and
Mademoiselle, I should have throw n my papers into the fire and thought
no more of their contents, as I had frequently done by things of much
the same merit; but I was so animated by the encomiums I received, that
in six days, my drama, excepting a few couplets, was written. The music
also was so far sketched out, that all I had further to do to it after
my return from Paris, was to compose a little of the recitative, and to
add the middle parts, the whole of which I finished with so much
rapidity, that in three weeks my work was ready for representation. The
only thing
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