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Mon Jan 11 21:56:48 CET 2010

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Reported By:                bbgen
Assigned To:                pbiava
Project:                    Grisbi-0.6.0
Issue ID:                   842
Category:                   Main
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   major
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     assigned
Plateforme:                 Windows 
OS:                         Windows 
Version OS:                 Windows Vista x64 
Unstable Impact:            Yes 
Version GTK:                2.16.6 
Date Submitted:             01-07-2010 15:30 UTC
Last Modified:              01-11-2010 20:56 UTC
Summary:                    Import from 0.5.9 fails

I'm trying to import my 0.5.9 grisbi file to 0.6.0 b3, but it makes a huge
mistake: All transactions are multiplied with a factor 100.

I did the following to reproduce it for you:
*) I anonymized my original 0.5.9 grisbi file with your obfuscate.pl
*) I've opened this file with grisbi 0.6.0
*) next on all dialogs without any checkbox editing
*) I've saved the file. http://bbgen.net/grisbi/anonymous_06.gsb

As you can see all transactions are multiplied with 100.

For example the following transaction in anonymous.gsb:
        <Operation No="954" Id="" D="31/12/2008" Db="0/0/0"
M="356.311293825534" De="1" Rdc="0" Tc="0,0000000" Fc="0,0000000" T="0"
C="0" Sc="0" Ov="0" N="" Ty="3" Ct="" P="0" A="0" R="0" E="0" I="0" Si="0"
Pc="" Ibg="" Ro="0" Rc="0" Va="0"/>
and in anonymous_06.gsb:
	<Transaction Ac="0" Nb="954" Id="" Dt="12/31/2008" Dv="" Cu="1"
Am="35631.0" Exb="0" Exr="0.0000000" Exf="0.0000000" Pa="0" Ca="0" Sca="0"
Br="0" No="(null)" Pn="3" Pc="(null)" Ma="0" Ar="0" Au="0" Re="0" Fi="0"
Bu="0" Sbu="0" Vo="" Ba="(null)" Trt="0" Mo="0" />

And now an interesting thing: If I open anonymous_06.gsb with grisbi 0.6.0
again, all transactions are being multiplied with 10.
	<Transaction Ac="0" Nb="954" Id="" Dt="12/31/2008" Dv="" Cu="1"
Am="356310.0" Exb="0" Exr="0.0" Exf="0.0" Pa="0" Ca="0" Sca="0" Br="0"
No="(null)" Pn="3" Pc="(null)" Ma="0" Ar="0" Au="0" Re="0" Fi="0" Bu="0"
Sbu="0" Vo="" Ba="" Trt="0" Mo="0" />

I really don't know what the cause of this is, but it really prevents me
from using grisbi 0.6.0

 pbiava - 01-11-10 20:56  
Traducido por Google

Su versión 0.5.9 Grisbi archivo es defectuosa porque la cantidad decimal
es el punto en el separador decimal debe ser coma.

¿Se puede guardar el archivo con la versión 0.5.9 Grisbi anonymous.gsb y
dime si el separador decimal es una coma ahora.

Your file grisbi 0.5.9 is defective because the decimal for the amounts is
a dot there should be a comma

Can you save anonymous.gsb with Grisbi-0.5.9 and tell me if the decimal
separator is a comma now. 

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01-07-10 15:30  bbgen          Version OS                => Windows Vista x64
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01-07-10 15:30  bbgen          Version GTK               => 2.16.6          
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