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He windows of these palaces the daily spectacle of changing the guard is
witnessed by the King and young Princes. Copenhagen is celebrated for
its palaces, its parks, porcelain, statuary, art-treasures, and last,
"FAIRY TALE" OF HIS LIFE I suppose the Dane best known to English boys
and girls is Hans Christian Andersen, whose charming fairy-tales are
well known and loved by them all. Most of you, however, know little
about his life, but are interested enough in him, I dare say, to wish to
learn more, especially as the knowledge will give you keener delight--if
that is possible--in reading the works of this "Prince of
Story-tellers." Andersen himself said: "My life has been so wonderful
and so like a fairy-tale, that I think I had a fairy godmother who
granted my every wish, for if I had chosen my own life's way, I could
not have chosen better." Hans C. Andersen was the son of a poor
shoemaker, an only child, born in Odense, the capital of the Island of
Funen. His parents were devoted to him, and his father, who was of a
studious turn of mind, delighted in teaching his little son and
interesting him in Nature. Very early in life Hans was taken for long
Sunday rambles, his father pointing out to him the beauties of woods and
meadows, or enchanting him with stories from the "Arabian Nights." At
home the evenings were spent in dressing puppets for his favourite show,
or else, sitting on his father's knee, he listened while the latter read
aloud to his mother scenes from Holberg's plays. All day Hans played
with his puppet theatre, and soon began to imagi
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