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S should turn to Howells. ***** To W. D. Howells, in Boston: Sunday,
Oct. 2 '80. MY DEAR HOWELLS,--Here's a letter which I wrote you to San
Francisco the second time you didn't go there.... I told Soule he
needn't write you, but simply send the MS. to you. O dear, dear, it is
dreadful to be an unrecognized poet. How wise it was in Charles Warren
Stoddard to take in his sign and go for some other calling while still
young. I'm laying for that Encyclopedical Scotchman--and he'll need to
lock the door behind him, when he comes in; otherwise when he hears my
proposed tariff his skin will probably crawl away with him. He is
accustomed to seeing the publisher impoverish the author--that spectacle
must be getting stale to him--if he contracts with the undersigned he
will experience a change in that programme that will make the enamel
peel off his teeth for very surprise--and joy. No, that last is what
Mrs. Clemens thinks--but it's not so. The proposed work is growing,
mightily, in my estimation, day by day; and I'm not going to throw it
away for any mere trifle. If I make a contract with the canny Scot, I
will then tell him the plan which you and I have devised (that of taking
in the humor of all countries)--otherwise I'll keep it to myself, I
think. Why should we assist our fellowman for 
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