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Ainst them. "I was asked not

long ago if I was in favor of shooting our
soldiers in the back. I said, 'No. I would not shoot them in the

back. I wouldn't shoot them at all. I would not have them shot.' Much
has been made of a statement that I declared that men were fit for
better than slavery and cannon fodder. I made the statement. I make no
attempt to deny it. I meant exactly what I said. Men are fit for
something better than slavery and cannon fodder;

and the time will come, though I shall not live to see
it, when slavery will be wiped from the earth, and when men will marvel
that there
ever was a time when men who called themselves civilized rushed upon
each other like wild beasts and murdered one another, by methods so

and barbarous that they defy the power of language to describe. I can

hear the shrieks of the soldiers
of Europe in my dreams. I have imagination enough
to see a battlefield. I can see it strewn with the wrecks of human
beings, who but yesterday were in the flush and glory of their young
manhood. I can
see them at eventide, scattered about in remnants, their limbs
torn from their bodies, their eyes gouged out. Yes, I can see them, and
I can hear them.
I look above and beyond this frightful

scene. I think of the mothers who are bowed in the shadow o
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