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Articular shock required comes along...._ Many years had passed since
the original country rock had been broken, cut and set, to form solid
pavement for the courtyard at Opertal Prison. And over those years the
stones had suffered

change as countless feet, scuffing and pressing against once rough
edges, had smoothed the bits of rock,
burnishing their surfaces until the light of the setting sun now
reflected from them as from polished mosaic. As Stan Graham crossed the
wide expanse from library to cell block, his shoe soles added their
small bit to the perfection of the age-old polish. He looked up at the
building ahead of him, noting the coarse, weathered stone of the walls.
The severe, vertical lines of
the mass reminded
him of Kendall Hall, back at the Stellar Guard Academy. He smiled wryly.
There were, he told himself,
differences. People rarely left this place against their wishes. None
had wanted to come here. Few had any desire to stay. Whereas at the
Academy-- How, he wondered, had
those other guys they'd booted out really felt? None had complained--or
even said much. They'd just packed their gear and picked

up their tickets.

There had been no expression of frustrated rage to approach his. Maybe
there was something wrong with him--some unknown
fault that
put him out of phase with all others. He hadn't liked it at all. His
memory went
back to his last conversation
with Major Michaels. The officer had listened, then shaken his head
"Look, Graham, a re-examination wouldn't help. We just can't retain
you." "But I'm sure--"
"No, it won't work. Your

academic record isn't outstanding in any area and Gravitics is one of
the most important courses we've got."
"But I don't see how I could have bugged it, sir. I got a good grade on
the final examination." "True, but there were several before that.
And there were your daily grades." Michaels glanced at the papers

on his desk. "I can't say what went wr
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