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H would prove the most profitable for her to visit. In desperation, Miss
Preston turned to Mr. Reeve once
more, for she had found him a most resourceful man, and one not likely
to be easily

baffled. The result was that he had succeeded in making a mutually
agreeable exchange of
staterooms with some other people, and was now primed and ready to carry
the war into the enemy's country. Soon after luncheon they all drove to
Stonybrook, a town about ten miles from Montcliff, and Helen's home.
Evidently their persuasive powers were strong, for
ere the visit ended it was decided that Helen should make one of Miss

party to sail with her "over the ocean blue," and some very happy people
drove back to Montcliff that afternoon. The house seemed very quiet
after the girls' departure for their homes on the day following
commencement, for, excepting those who lived too far away to return for
the wedding, and would remain as Miss Preston's guests until after the
tenth, all had left that morning, and when a house has been filled with
twenty-five or thirty

girls, and all but eight or ten suddenly depart from it, the quiet which
ensues cannot be overlooked. Mr. Reeve gave himself up to the enjoyment
of his five days'
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