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I of the Ngatewhatua lives at Tanoa. He is between forty and fifty, if
as much, a very tall and very portly personage. He is a great man,
corporeally certainly, and, perhaps, in other ways as well. Arama
Karaka, or Adam Clark in Pakeha pronunciation, has had more English
education than Tama, and is altogether of larger mind. Nevertheless, we
do not feel that we can like him quite so well as our dear old
barbarian. Arama rules his little community in paternal and patriarchal
spirit. He understands the Pakeha better than many Maoris; and in most
things accepts the guidance of his friend, the missionary. He carries on
affairs of state in a manner blended of Maori and Pakeha usages. He is,
of course, a politician, and takes a leading part in the local
elections. But he adheres to Maori customs in their modified and
civilized form, and may be called a Conservative in such things. Arama
has a pet theory, on which he often enlarges in picturesque style to
such Pakehas as he considers as of more than common note. Pre-eminent
among these is Old Colonia
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