[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi-0.6.0 0000656]: Missing Category list files in the "new account file" wizard

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Tue Oct 6 15:10:42 CEST 2009

The following issue has been CONFIRMED. 
Reported By:                guneeyoufix
Assigned To:                guneeyoufix
Project:                    Grisbi-0.6.0
Issue ID:                   656
Category:                   Main
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   major
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     confirmed
Plateforme:                 Windows 
OS:                         Windows 
Version OS:                 Vista Familiale Premium 
Unstable Impact:            Yes 
Version GTK:                 
Date Submitted:             09-30-2009 21:44 UTC
Last Modified:              10-06-2009 13:10 UTC
Summary:                    Missing Category list files in the "new account
file" wizard
1) When reaching the "import categories" step of the "new account file"
wizard, there are no category lists to select from

2) When hitting the "Show other languages categories" checkbox.

 guneeyoufix - 10-04-09 22:32  
The reason why the category sets are not appearing in the wizard is that
the category files are not put in the right place by the CMake script.

I suggest this addition to the CMakeList.txt file:

		COMMAND xcopy
		/S /Y ..\\share\\categories $(TargetDir)\\help\\tips\\categories\\

This should copy all the category files in the right place.

HOWEVER clicking on the checkbox "Display foreign category sets" doesn't
change anything (the contents of the list is not updated). This might be
the result of the localisation not being handled by MSVC. 

 guneeyoufix - 10-06-09 12:59  
in CMakeList.txt, revision 1.9
    Added command to move the category files to the correct location
  --> Fixes the first part of the problem

The second part of the problem can be easily fixed by setting the LANG or
LANGUAGE environment variable. To do that :
  * Go to "Configuration Panel", select "System".
  * In the task list on the left side, select "Advanced system settings"
  * Click the "Environment variables" button
  * Under the "System variables" section, click "New"
  * Fill in with : Name=LANGUAGE, Value=fr_FR (or the locale that you
  * Click OK twice

By doing so, the g_get_language_names () call returns a list with "fr_FR",
"fr" and "C" (if LANG=fr_FR), therefore when checking the box "Display
foreign categories" shows french and english category lists. Seems to be
the correct behaviour (at least is it similar to the behaviour of the Linux


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