[grisbi-bugs] Bug when entering Third Party name

Alain DAVY f4rpw at free.fr
Wed Jul 22 22:27:39 CEST 2009

There are quite a few bugs in Grisbi that annoy me, and I will probably 
switch to another accounting software soon.
Here, when I start entering a third party name in the first field of a new 
transaction, if the new third party name begins like another already 
existing third party name that is upper case, then the new name is also 
upper case *only for the part of the name that is common with the other 
third party name*!
Example: the new third party name is 'Camaieu', and another third party 
that already exists is 'CAMIF', then, Grisbi *refuses* to write the new 
name as 'Camaieu' and instead enters 'CAMaieu'. And there is no way to 
rewrite the name. Annoying.

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