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Of the rotten trench, and we decided to mount another gun at a certain
projection in our lines so as to enfilade the land across which the
other gun would fire. On inspecting the projected site we found it was
necessary to make rather an abnormally high parapet to stand the gun on.
No sandbags to spare, of course, so the question was, "What shall we
make a parapet of?" We plodded off back to the village and groped around
the ruins for something solid and high enough to carry the gun. After
about an hour's climbing about amongst debris in the dark, and hauling
ourselves up into remnants of attics, etc., we came upon a sewing
machine. It was one of that sort that's stuck on a wooden table with a
treadle arrangement underneath. We saw an idea at a glance. Pull off the
sewing machine, and use the table. It was nearly high enough, and with
just three or four sandbags we felt certain it would do. We performed
the necessary surgical operation on the machine, and taking it in turns,
padded off down to the front line trench. We had a bit of a job with
that table. The parapet was a jumbled assortment of sandbags, clay, and
old bricks from the neighbouring barn: but we finally
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