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G like the feeling that had nearly broken her heart when, long ago, they
told her that her mother had gone to heaven. A great wave of bitterness
passed over her sinking heart. She turned away, that her sister might
not see her face. "Christie," said Effie, in a minute or two, "I think
we ought to go home. There will be some things to do; and if Annie and
Sarah went to the Sabbath-class, we should be needed to help." It was in
Christie's heart to say that she did not care to go home--she did not
care to help--she did not care for anything. But she had no voice to
utter such wrong and foolish words. So, still keeping her face turned
away, she took her Bible and began to roll it in her handkerchief--when
a thought struck her. "Effie," she asked, quickly, "do you believe that
God hears us when we pray?" In the face now turned towards her, Effie
saw tokens that there was something wrong with her little sister. But,
accustomed to her changing moods and frequent petulance, she answered,
quietly: "Surely, Christie, I believe it. The Bible says so." "Yes; I
ken that," said Christie, with some impatience in her tone. "The Bible
says so, and people believe it in a general way. But is it true? Do
_you_ believe it?" "Surely I believe it," said Effie, slowly. She was
considering whether it would be best to say anything more to her sister,
vexed and unhappy as her voice and manner plainly showed her to be; and
while she hesitated, Christie said again, more quietly: "If God hears
prayer, why are most people so miserable?" "I don't think most people
_are_ miserable," said Effie, gravely. "I don't think anybody that
trusts in God can be very miserable." Christie leaned back again on the
stone, from which she had half risen. "Those who have been pardoned and
accepted," she _thought_; but aloud she _said_, "Well, I don't know:
there are some good people that have trouble enough. There's old Mrs
Grey. Wave after wave of trouble has passed over her. I heard the
minister say those very words to father about her." "But, Christie,"
said her sister, gravely, "you should ask Mrs Grey, some time, if she
would be willing to lose her trust in 
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