[grisbi-bugs] head under an antimacassar, and exclaimed tragic

Baymon epiphenomena at planet-telco.nl
Fri Aug 21 00:47:00 CEST 2009

O and in a minute's time it was undone, and the corners of the
handkerchief dropped on the grass to reveal an inner bag of thick grey
linen tied again round the mouth. "It _is_ lumpy!" repeated Darsie
again; then with a tug the string came loose, and lifting the bag in her
hands, she rained its contents over the grass.
Was it a dream? Was it some fantasy of imagination--some wonderful
effect of sunshine shining upon hundreds and hundreds of dewdrops, and
turning them into scintillating balls of light, catching reflections
from the flowers in yonder beds, and sending dancing rays of red, blue,
and green across the grass? Red and blue and green the
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