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 more thrifty successors. At last they burst through the edge of the
forest into the open country and vanished as if they had fallen over a
cliff. The woodman pioneer is no more; the pioneer of the plains--he
whose easy task it was to subdue for occupancy two-thirds of the country
in a single generation--is another and inferior creation. With Charles
Marlowe in the wilderness, sharing the dangers, hardships and privations
of that strange, unprofitable life, were his wife and child, to whom, in
the manner of his class, in which the domestic virtues were a religion,
he was passionately attached. The woman was still young enough to be
comely, new enough to the awful isolation of her lot to be cheerful. By
withholding the large capacity for happiness which the simple
satisfactions of the forest life could not have filled, Heaven had dealt
honorably with her. In her light household tasks, her child, her husband
and her few foolish books, she found abundant provision for her needs.
One morning in midsummer Marlowe took down his rifle from the wooden
hooks on the wall and signified his intention of getting game. "We've
meat enough," said the wife; "please don't go out to-day. I dreamed last
night, O, such a dreadful thing! I cannot recollect it, but I'm almost
sure that it will come to pass if you go out." It is painful to confess
that Marlowe received this solemn statement with less of gravity than
was due to the mysterious nature of the calamity foreshadowed. In truth,
he laughed. "Try to remember," he said. "Maybe you dreamed that Baby had
lost the power of speech." The conjecture was obviously suggested by the
fact that Baby, clinging to the fringe of his hunting-coat with all her
ten pudgy thumbs was at that moment 
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